Redefining borders by the School of Redesign

Design in the Middle is an ongoing project, where designers, architects and social activists from around the Middle East/Euro-Med region gather in extra-territorial places, generating alternative near-future scripts and design proposals to address challenges relevant to the Middle East. The objective of the workshops is to restore the conditions that allow civil imagination to thrive by creating a framework in which one can imagine diverse and yet-to-come forms of governance, coexistence, ownership, and alliances.

Workshop Updates

Design in the Middle at the State of Design Berlin

If you are in Berlin on June 3, please join us for a public event featuring a presentation of the #01 Design in the Middle workshop, part of the festival’s special program of events, in a day dedicated to the growing bond between design and filmmaking. During the event we will show a newly edited film about the first workshop in Rome, depicting the unique dynamics and great energies of the working groups. Together with a few participants, we will share our views, experiences and insights with the festival’s audience.

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Food Design and Food Security Challenge

Sonia Massari, a food design specialist and the director of Gusto Lab Rome, invited a group of designers she met during the Design in the Middle #01 workshop to join her in the kickoff meeting of the 3-year research and networking project: “Food Design and Food Security: Challenges in the Euro-Mediterranean Area.”

Sonia is promoting this new project in collaboration with ADI and the Order of Landscape Planners, Conservationists and Architects from Naples and Provence.

For the sake of convenience, Sonia invited participants based in Italy to the first meeting. However, during the next 3 years, the project will travel along the Euro/Med region and hopefully more participants will be able to join this venture (Greece is on the list…).

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The #01 Design in the Middle Workshop

Bringing together creative individuals, who cannot meet in their countries of origin, in order to create a network beyond physical and mental borders. Gathering around a creative process proved to be productive, enabling effective communication over complex and even explosive design issues

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